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Welcome to Baby Talk

Are you ready to say Hello! and to know that you know? 

My name is Cara Wright and for as far as I can remember I have been answering the call of babies. 

20 Years as a pre-natal and postnatal yoga teacher turned doula by fate has given me countless experiences and many awarenesses. 

Along this journey I began to realize that I not only had the ability to be with women during the transitional time of conception, pregnancy and birth but that I also had a unique sense and some would say communication with the babies these women were birthing.

As I explored this unique sense, wondering if what I was hearing, sensing and aware of with the spirit babies was in fact true.  I was delighted to find over time that what I was aware of was accurate and I could facilitate a world of communication between a woman and her babe beyond what some would consider possible. 

What I offer to you as a mother, during this amazing time, is a unique doorway into your babies world that will allow you to have communication, intimacy and communion from the first moment you know each other. 

These sessions can facilitate ease for all possibilities including...

Do I Desire to be a Mom

Is there a Baby out there for Me

Connection and Curiosity with baby

Conception, Pregnancy and Birth



Unique Diagnosis for baby

Past Baby Events

Trauma and Loss

and so much MORE!

I invite you to the revolutionary way to communicate with your baby that is Baby Talk. Book a session today!

  • 30 Minute Session

    1 h

    150 US dollars
  • February Special

    1 h

    75 US dollars

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