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Do you believe there is something you have come to contribute to the planet that is uniquely you?  For me the answer to this has always been an unequivocal YES! 


Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth has always been a big passion.  Something that I have always known about and been drawn to in a very profound way. 


From my college years where I created programs for Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies to 20 years of prenatal/postnatal yoga, birth education and 15 plus years of working with moms and babies as a birth doula. 


Then years of a very personal journey and experience into the world of infertility and the loss of the future I thought would be a for sure for me. 


After this time I turned away from this calling for a short period and I am so thrilled to have heard the whisper and felt the pull again to embrace one of the very things I am here to be with on this planet.  


Welcome to the Revealed series, an exploration of the experiences that  can create us as women. Are you ready to reveal to you what it is that YOU know?


Pregnancy Revealed

Is there is a way for you to know what you, your body and your baby require during this time? Amist the chaotic have tos and should nots that surround pregnancy .. are you willing to know what is true for you?


Birth revealed

Can you truly know what the most easeful way you, your body and your baby can flow through the birth process. If you could quiet all the outside chatter and know what it is you know.. would you?


Infertility Revealed

Trying to conceive can be one of the most exciting and frustrating times in a woman's and couple's lives? Where do you turn, what do you do? What if KNOWING what you know could change everything?


Private Sessions

Often this experience has unique questions and challenges to your, your baby and even partner. The private sessions I offer allow us to explore specifically what will create greater for all of you. Book one today!

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