What if every area you bought as being wrong with you or your body.... Was an element only you alone have to offer that is the greatness of you?

The Access X-Men body of work has given me the true freedom to be as different as I am in the world.

What if you knowing your difference and embracing it will allow you to create the life you have always known is possible?

Ready to create something different?

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Until I added the unique tools & processes that is X-men, the rest of what I could receive from Access Consciousness was not as accessible to me!


Now a whole new reality, MY REALITY, is becoming clear and present for me in my life.

I am honored to facilitate this body of work. When X-Men choose to show up and BE who they are in the world, my life lights up!  

Do you desire to know what is true for you? 


Do you desire to have a peace with your body beyond what you think is possible?


Do you desire to have the talents, abilities and capacities that you have always known were true for you?

~An Empowered X-men is a Creator of Magnitude~

"Cara has such a superpower of empowering us of who we Be in a very subtle and potent way! Using the tools she gave me in her classes I changed my life dinamically and I now have a sense of ease and joy I have not known for a long time! Grateful beyond words"

"A Cara tem um superpoder de nos empoderar de quem Somos de uma maneira potente e sutil! Usando as ferramentas que ela me deu em suas classes, eu mudei minha vida dinamicamente e agora tenho um senso de facilidade e alegria que eu não conhecia faz tempo! Sou grato além das palavras"

Enzo Lima

Cara's facilitation is ever nudging and never judging to invite you to the space of what is true for you. Her playground of possibilities is vast; ripe with humor, honor, and empowerment. She might push you down the slide but will also buy you an ice cream after! 

Shawn Christopher Hart

Just would like to say how grateful I am for your class I attended.  The congruency of what you are being and saying made a huge difference in how easy it was to receive. Very empowering! I really can’t say enough about how much that in itself contributed, let alone everything you spoke to.

Heather Smith

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